Grabovoi Healing Codes/Numbers – Immediate Cash Flow of Money – 426299

Grabovoi Healing Codes/Numbers – Immediate Cash Flow of Money – 426299
? Hey Dreamversers! These are the Grabovoi Healing Codes and Manifestation Numbers (Grabovoi Numbers). Just focus your intention on the numbers and listen to the meditation music to attract Immediate Cash Flow of Money.

?The codes work on the quantum level hence why they are so effective. As with all energetic healing the power comes from your intent and opening your heart to receive the love held in the Universe. Practice the codes when you feel strong to activate your personal healing power so you can pull from that reservoir when you are emotionally or physically drained. In this way you will be taking responsibility for your own self healing for that is where all healing lies.

?These books explain how the discovery of the creative field of information, or consciousness energy, can manifest any information or object you want, as well as those not subject to the space-time continuum. By converting this information into known geometric form. This is why Grabovoi numbers can be used for remote diagnostics and regeneration of matter within any term of time through the transformation of time into space form.

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?The goal of the teaching of Grabovoi, according to himself, is passing on the Knowledge of The Lord to the people all over the World in order to save them from the possible global catastrophe, enable each one to reach perfect health, physical immortality, resurrect in their physical bodies everyone who’s gone and provide the eternal constructive and harmonious development of the entire mankind.

?He claimed personal abilities of remote control of physical matter from any distance, cured hundreds of diseased persons, including cancer and aids, without his personal presence, these facts are certified by traditional medicine and proved by the notarized statement of cured persons. Using his clairvoyance he could remotely examine aircraft, in conditions of an experiment he did works for materialization, de-materialization, teleportation and these works were started in the minute. He regenerated destroyed matter. He wanted these abilities to be learned by all so that they too could use their gifts to prevent catastrophes, through creation without destruction.

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?Reiki Healing Music Meditation in the Background

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